Factors to consider when selecting filter material

- Sep 07, 2020-

Factors to consider when selecting filter material

There are many kinds of materials that can be used to make filter materials, and there is more than one way to make filter materials. The filter materials made from different raw materials and different production methods have different applicable conditions. Therefore, what kind of filter material should be used according to different user conditions to carefully choose.

The selection of filter material to consider the main conditions are the following.

(1) Temperature: Because the filter material made of different raw materials can bear different temperature for a long time, if the temperature is higher than the filter material can bear, the filter material will soon be damaged.

(2) Humidity: The moisture content in the gas is related to its dew point. High moisture content, high dew point, easy to dew in the bag filter, so that dust is easy to teach on the filter bag and affect the effect of ash cleaning. If the dust collector often runs up and down the dew point, and the temperature is sometimes higher than the dew point, and sometimes lower than the dew point, the filter material will become brittle and prone to damage. There is another important problem, that is, if the bag filter is operated under the condition of both high temperature and a considerable amount of water and gas, some of the filter materials will be quickly damaged due to hydrolysis

(3) Chemical composition: If there is acid, alkali or organic solvent in the dust gas treated by the bag filter, the filter material that can resist the corrosion of these substances should be selected respectively. If the treatment is hot gas and contains a certain amount of oxygen or oxidizing dust, some filter is easy to damage. Gas wounds contain sulfur, which will greatly increase the dew point

(4) Flammability and explosion possibility: If the dusty air contains combustible gases such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane and acetylene or grains, aluminum and other dust to a certain concentration range, a violent explosion will occur in the event of a fire source. In this case should be selected flame retardant, can eliminate static filter.