Features and advantages of polyester filter

- Nov 14, 2018-

Specially designed for powder spraying, suitable for all types of powders, excellent performance. Unique trap Folding Fold design ensures 100% effective filtration area and maximum operating efficiency. Strong degree of breakage resistance, the use of foreign advanced technology to prepare special filter adhesive bonding. The best folding pattern spacing, so that the entire filtration area on the filtration uniformity, reduce the filter pressure difference, spray room airflow stability, powder room cleaning more convenient. Folding Top Arc transition, improve the effective filtration area, the best filtration efficiency, extended service life. Elastic, low hardness, single-ring sealing ring. Used for air sealing, sealing ring material is extremely elastic, to prevent leakage and powder compatibility, will not deteriorate. product line, suitable for different installation methods, suitable for vertical, horizontal and other installation forms. Suitable for a variety of recycled powder rooms. No small fibers fall off during reverse blowing to avoid affecting the quality of the sprayed workpiece. Powder Room Powder Recovery Series Filter.