Filter bag frame and product features and ordinary filter bag material

- Feb 28, 2019-

Filter bag frame and product features and ordinary filter bag material



Among the filter elements, there are many common and commonly used types. The specific types involved below are the filter bags. Only after targeted learning can the learning quality be guaranteed and relevant knowledge be firmly grasped, which can be flexibly applied to practical work to realize the full use of the filter bags.



1. Is the filter bag in the air conditioning system important?


Filter bags are used in the air conditioning system to filter out the dust particles in the air supply system so as to achieve the requirement of dust-free production environment. Therefore, based on this point, we can draw a conclusion that the filter bag in the air conditioning system is an important and indispensable part, because it is an important role, so we need to pay attention to and seriously, and according to the filter requirements to choose the appropriate filter bag, to achieve the desired filtering effect.



In addition, there are different types of filter bags according to different classification standards. According to the filter efficiency level, they can be divided into F3, F4 primary filter bags, F5, F6, F7, F8 medium efficiency filter bags and F9 sub-high efficiency filter bags. According to the material used, it can be divided into glass fiber filter bag, synthetic fiber filter bag and non-woven fabric filter bag.



2. What should I know about the outer frame and product features of the filter bag?


The outside frame of filter bag, its are to use the aluminium frame of 21 millimeter thickness commonly or galvanization frame, and can add aluminium groove in front of filter bag back to add one metal to strengthen rib to be secured, can increase the intensity of filter bag so, prevent the problem such as filter bag occurrence rupture in high-speed filtering. If it is a non-woven filter bag, in addition to the outer frame, the bag is also distributed with six compartments, to avoid the impact of high air pressure on the filtration area and filtration efficiency.



The characteristics of the filter bag are as follows: the edge of the filter bag can be fused and sealed by means of ultrasonic wave, and good air tightness and bonding strength can be obtained, without air leakage and rupture. Synthetic fiber and non-woven fabric filter bag are made of synthetic fiber by special weaving method. There is static fiber in the aluminum material, so it can filter micron dust, and achieve high dust capacity, high air permeability and long service life.



3. What is the material of the tea filter bag? What about regular filter bags?


The filter bag of tea leaves is made of paper, that is, paper filter bag, while the ordinary filter bag is made of polyester fiber filter cloth, polypropylene fiber filter cloth and nylon monofilament screen, etc. The choice of the material is determined by the actual situation and application requirements.