Filter bag installation features

- Aug 03, 2020-

Filter bag installation features

1, depending on the shape of the dust removal cross section filter bag: flat bag (trapezoidal and flat) and round bag (cylindrical).

2. According to the way of entering and leaving the air, it can be divided into: the wind in the lower air inlet, the wind in the upper air inlet and the type of direct current (limited to the plate).

3. According to the dust removal and filtration method of filter bag, it can be divided into external filter type and internal filter type.

4. According to the dust removal capacity, the temperature support capacity of the filter bag can be divided into: high temperature type, medium temperature type and temperature type. 

5.(1) Low temperature type, suitable for local dust collecting bag type dust collector, such as raw material grinding, cement grinding and top storage, also suitable for high surface after oil proof and waterproof treatment surface.

 (2) Usually, high temperature type, suitable for cement shaft furnace, rotary kiln end, cooler, dryer and other high temperature waste gas bag dust collector, and used for high temperature and high humidity condition surface should be used oil and water repellent treatment agent surface treatment;