Filter bag mesh number measurement and whether different Numbers correspond to different sizes

- May 16, 2019-

Filter bag mesh number measurement and whether different Numbers correspond to different sizes

Filter bag, which is a filter element, and is a common and commonly used filter element, need to have a correct understanding and comprehensive understanding to know what it is and how to use it in the appropriate occasions, to achieve the full use of the product, and then, can avoid the wrong use of products and other problems.

1. Is the filter bag important in the filtration operation?

From a professional point of view, the filter bag in the filtering operation is very important, because it is to play the role of filtering, and is a more use of the filter element. However, we need to know that in order to filter in the operation, in addition to can use the filter bag, but also can use other filter elements, as long as it can meet the requirements of filtering and applicable to the operating environment, can also get good filtering effect.

2. What is the general treatment of filter bags?

The treatment on the filter bag, generally speaking, is the treatment such as singeing treatment, and this can improve the filter layer of the kettle body and colloidal particles to catch and retain the ability to further improve the filtering effect and filtering quality. In addition, if there is high strength long fiber on the filter bag, it can make the filtration efficiency of the filter bag become stable and reliable, and can also extend the service life of the product, which can be said to be beneficial and harmless.

3. Do the filter bags of different sizes have different sizes?

Filter bag, it is ok to use different material, nevertheless common material pledges, it is PP and PE these two kinds of material pledge, everybody can undertake choosing according to actual situation and use requirement. Moreover, it has different Numbers, such as bag no. 1, bag no. 2, bag no. 3 and bag no. 4, which correspond to different sizes. Bag no. 1 is 180*420mm, bag no. 2 is 180*810mm, bag no. 3 is 105*230mm, and bag no. 4 is 105*380mm.

4. How to measure the mesh number of filter bags?

The mesh number of the filter bag is measured, and the test instrument used is the mesh mirror, and there is a comparison table for comparison. Moreover, the mesh number of the filter bag, which refers to the number of holes in the filter cloth within 1 inch, is only required to tell the manufacturer of the mesh number when purchasing the filter bag, and the manufacturer can help the buyer select the product that meets the mesh number requirements.