Filter bag quality control method

- May 20, 2020-

Filter bag quality control method

(1) close the components. Select suitable raw materials according to the requirements of filter materials, including fiber resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and spinning ability. The oil itself must be regulated in the fibre, and no renewable material should be used. The quality of raw materials directly affects the quality of the final filter material, and all relevant personnel must strictly control the raw materials.

(2) establish a scientific and strict production process. In the production process of acupuncture filter media, there must be a strict production process. Technicians must first carry out the production process, change the varieties, first test the process, and then carry out a reasonable design of the production process. To change the specification, we have to test the process before we can test it into mass production.

(3) to carry out standardized operations. For each process operator, we must develop practical operating procedures and execute and review them. The equipment must be kept in good condition to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition and to ensure the quality and performance of the product. You must ensure the sanitation of equipment and environment.

(4) conduct inspection and acceptance. Semi-finished products and product inspection systems have been established to strictly enforce the standards. When quality problems occur in the inspection of semi-finished products, timely feedback and correction are required, and the quality of each equipment and individual product must be strictly evaluated. Implement national and enterprise standard inspection of finished products. Finished products that have passed inspection and acceptance can leave the factory.

(5) provide feedback and after-sales service. Do well in product information feedback, follow-up consultation and after-sales service. Demand immediate acceptance of delivery. When the receiving unit finds a problem, it immediately notifies the production unit to perform a new inspection according to the standard. The manufacturer takes full responsibility for any quality problem. Users are often asked to comment so that quality issues can be commented in a timely manner.