Filter bag selection factors to consider requirements and the importance of ash removal operation

- Apr 02, 2019-

Filter bag selection factors to consider requirements and the importance of ash removal operation

Filter bag, which is a common and commonly used filter element, and can be used alone, can also be used with other devices, so as to achieve the purpose of use and good use effect. Therefore, based on these two points, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand this filter element, so that it can be used reasonably in the appropriate occasions, to avoid waste and wrong use.

1. Is there any requirement to consider relevant factors in the selection of filter bags?

From a professional point of view, the filter bag in the selection of products, its relevant considerations are specific considerations, otherwise it can not guarantee the correct selection of the product. In terms of specific consideration requirements, it is required to take all relevant factors into consideration and take comprehensive and comprehensive consideration. In addition, there are important considerations, and it is important to know that any consideration related to product selection is an important consideration and cannot be considered as one of them.

2. What are the commonly used filter materials for filter bags?

Filter bag, which is a filter element, and its product quality is higher requirements, because only good product quality to ensure good performance and filtering effect. In addition, this filter element is required to have good chemical stability and heat resistance, will not react with any material, and can be used in a high temperature normal. Therefore, it is in the specific type of filter material, in line with the above requirements, is for PE, PP, PTFE and PMIA, etc., how to choose, is determined by the filter requirements and the use of environment.

3. Can the filter bag be used with all the filters?

Filter bag, from a professional point of view, it is not to be able to work with all the filters, but according to the filter requirements, filter structure and performance to choose the right filter bag, so as to ensure that they have a good fit and good use effect. In addition, the filter bag, if used in conjunction with the filter, is used in the liquid filtration operation more, especially suitable for large flow and need to be closed filtration occasions.

4. Is the ash removal operation of filter bag important?

Filter bag, it is to need to carry on clear ash work after using period of time, the dust that accumulates to stay on filter bag wait for cleared, in case accumulate ash to affect the normal use of filter bag and its filter effect. Therefore, from this perspective, the ash removal operation of filter bag is very important, and attention should be paid to this work. In terms of the ash removal method, there are three ways: manual beating, mechanical vibration beating and gas cleaning. Which way to choose is determined by the ash removal environment and requirements.