filter cartridge cleaning and dust-romoved operation notes

- Jan 31, 2019-

Filter cartridge cleaning  and dust-removed operation notes



Filter cartridge, like liquid filter bag or dust filter bag, is a kind of filter element that is often used. Therefore, some knowledge and understanding are required to use the filter cartridge as a filter element in appropriate occasions and have good effect. In addition, proper and reasonable use of the filter cartridge, in order to make full use of the product.



1. Does the filter cartridge need to be cleaned?


Filter cartridge is used to filter out dust, etc., so it needs to be checked after a period of time, mainly to see whether there is dirt and ash in the filter cartridge, if there is, you can tap the outside of the filter cartridge, also can use clean compressed air to blow off the ash on the filter cartridge. If clean compressed air is available, gently tap the filter element with a wooden stick and brush the outside dirt gently with a brush.



Is the filter element in the cartridge washable? There are different answers to this question for different materials. If the filter element is made of ordinary polyester fiber, it can be washed, but it will affect the filtration efficiency of the filter element. However, if the filter element is made of paper, it is suitable for normal temperature environment and will be deformed after being soaked in water. Therefore, this kind of filter element cannot be washed.



2. Is there any difference between the filter cartridge and the filter bag?


Filter cartridge and filter bag, they are the same in the principle of filtration, but in performance and use, there will be differences. Under the same working condition and filtration area, the performance of the filter cartridge is better than that of the filter bag. The filtration area can be increased by 3 to 5 times, and the service life of the filter cartridge can be extended if the filtration wind speed is reduced. In practical application, the filter cartridge is suitable for the filtration in a small range, and the filter bag is suitable for the environment with a large range and high temperature flue dust concentration. Therefore, the specific choice of which, or by the specific conditions to decide.



3. Matters needing attention in the use of dust removal cartridge


Dust-removing filter cartridge is a specific type of filter cartridge. There are some matters needing attention in the process of using it. Specifically, it is:



(1) dust removal cartridge, which is mainly used to remove dust particles, if the dust removal equipment failure, should check whether there is a problem with the cartridge. In addition, if the filter cartridge is damaged, it should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the normal use of the filter cartridge.


(2) for the dust with strong viscosity and hygroscopicity, the dust removal cartridge cannot be used; In order to avoid condensation of water vapor in the filter cartridge, dust containing air should be heated and the filter cartridge kept warm before air filtration.