Filter cartridge preparation and filter area determinants before purchase

- Apr 05, 2019-

Filter cartridge preparation and filter area determinants before purchase



Filter cartridge and filter bag, they are common and commonly used filter elements, and have a wide range of applications and different materials, so, need a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the filter cartridge, so as to correctly distinguish from the filter bag, at the same time, but also to achieve the correct and reasonable use of the product.



1. When choosing filter cartridge, should all relevant factors be considered?


The selection of filter cartridge, because this is an important work, so we should pay attention to and seriously treat and carry on, can not be ignored and careless treatment, because it is easy to make a wrong choice and affect the normal use of the product. And the factors related to product selection, are important factors to consider, all need to be considered, not one of them can be omitted.



2. Do you need to do some preparation work before choosing the filter cartridge?


Filter cartridge, it is necessary to do some preparation work before the product selection, because it can reflect the importance of the product selection work, at the same time, can also avoid wrong judgment and wrong choice. Their specific work content, mainly have two aspects, one is for the use of the product environment and use requires a clear understanding, the second is to know some basic information, products and production manufacturers including product origin, size, performance parameters, product price and quality, and product after-sales service, such as and it is be short of one cannot, in place to ensure that the purchaser has a accurate judgment and the correct choice.



3. What determines the filtration area of the cartridge? How to ensure the normal use of this product?


The filtration area of the filter cartridge is mainly determined by the filtration air volume, the number of the filter cartridge and the filtration requirements. If it is used together with the dust collector, it is also determined by these three factors. And want to ensure that the filter tube can be used normally, in addition to correct and standard operation, but also regular cleaning and inspection work, if there is a fault problem should be handled in a timely manner to solve, can not delay, strictly prohibit the filter tube work with illness.



4. Is there a part of filter cartridge in the filter filter of pulse filter cartridge?


Pulse filter cartridge dust remover, is a filter cartridge this part, and this is an important part, otherwise, this kind of dust remover can not be called filter cartridge dust remover. Cartridge in which a part of this role, is for dust collection and dust removal of these two function, its on the material, is to use the polyester the material and the folding and rolling, the bottom is closed, the upper center is under the spray torch, so that dust into the dust and gas dust removal work, in turn, to obtain good dust removal effect.