Filter cartridge selection factors and dust cartridge important parts

- Apr 22, 2019-

Filter cartridge selection factors need to be compared and dust cartridge important parts

Filter cartridge, which is a kind of filter element, is a common and commonly used filter element. Therefore, in order to correctly and rationally use the filter cartridge as a filter element and have good use effect, the following will carry out its related knowledge elaboration and explanation to achieve the above purpose and avoid the wrong use of the product.

1. Do relevant factors need to be compared when choosing filter cartridges?

The selection of filter cartridge requires all relevant factors to be taken into account, and these factors should be comprehensively and comprehensively considered, so as to enable me to have accurate judgment and correct choice. And these factors, because they are related to the purchase of products, so are important factors to consider, need to focus on. However, they are the same in importance and there is no distinction between them, so no comparison can be made and there is no need for one, since such a comparison has no practical significance or value.

2. What materials can be used on the filter cartridge? What shapes of holes can you have?

Cartridge on available materials, from a professional point of view, there is a stainless steel, PVC, steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet and copper plating, such as these, and in the specific shape of hole, can be a round hole, square hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, diamond hole, rectangular hole, elliptical hole bore, scales and bridge, such as the scope of its aperture is 0.5-80 mm, thickness is 0.4 to 8 mm.

3. What is the key in the dust removal cartridge?

According to the professional, dust cleaning cartridge filter cartridge is a specific type, the key is to filter material, the filter material is commonly used for polyester fiber filter material, and be careful in using, cannot despise and careless treatment, lest appear wrong choice and affect the normal use of filter cartridge, but also shorten the service life of filter cartridge. In addition, to ensure that the filter cylinder has a good sealing performance, to prevent dust leakage and other problems.

4. What should I know about the filter cartridge?

Notes on the filter cartridge, its specific is: because the filter cartridge is required to have good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance performance, and has a larger filtration area, higher filtration efficiency and can be cleaned many times, so its processing and manufacturing process used wide fold discount technology, so that the gap is uniform and good performance. At both ends of the filter cylinder, the rustproof steel plate with a thickness of more than 8mm can be selected to be rammed, and the place where the end cover and the filter material are connected shall be adhered with polyurethane foaming adhesive to ensure a solid connection between the two and avoid leakage and other problems.