Filter maintenance

- Jan 20, 2020-

Filter maintenance 

The maintenance of the filter is directly related to the service life of the filter.

Take the water filter to introduce, as shown in the figure, the water enters the inside of the filter from the inlet of the filter. In the inside, there is a separator to separate the water from the impurities in the water. The water is discharged from the outlet, while the impurities are left to discharge from the outlet.

Obviously inside the filter is where the water is separated from the impurities; Is the filter element of the filter; Because the filter element has to distinguish water from impurities, it will deposit impurities in it over a long period of time. This can lead to dirty filtration; Wear of filter element. So take it out often. Filter element includes filter frame and steel wire mesh, usually the wear of the steel wire mesh filter element is relatively large, in the cleaning time to pay special attention to the steel wire mesh, do not let the steel wire deformation, if the steel wire mesh deformation should be replaced in time, in order to prevent the large-scale damage of the filter.

From the above filter maintenance and maintenance, with the filter element, often to clean the filter element; Replace wire mesh in time