Filtration vessel application

- Dec 12, 2018-

Filtration vessels are designed to separate oil, water, dust, dirt and pipe scale from liquids, compressed air and gas. The pollutants are gathered in a filtration vessel in many ways, depending on the OEM’s application. Some are mechanically separated into a large-volume sump area. Others utilize coalescing filter elements. Some depend on a separate replaceable filter altogether.


There are many filter types to choose from when specifying an industrial application liquid processing filter.  

Common filters include removable media types such as bag and cartridge filters and self-cleaning type filters. Each has advantages and disadvantages when compared with the others and the different types are appropriate for different applications.

Self-cleaning filters are most appropriate for applications where the process requires maximum uptime or little interruption, filter media replacement and disposal costs are high, the process fluids are valuable, and/or exposure of the process liquid to workers or the environment is undesirable.


bag and cartridge solutions are limited by the amount of surface area that can be applied to the filter application.