Full range of filter bags and selection of press cloth materials

- Jul 04, 2019-

Full range of filter bags and selection of press cloth materials

Filter bag in a certain extent as a filter element, when making use of is a key link in the process of filtering, the filter bag at runtime quality to a large extent, effective determines the filtering effect of the user, to a certain extent, choose good quality filter cloth, and then with patent structure ring mouth, with professional production equipment manufacturing. Production management adhere to the scientific and rigorous style, to ensure the quality of filter bag consistent.

The filter bag has various materials and complete specifications when running, so it can be targeted to meet its application in various fields when using, and its product quality is excellent when using, so as to make it an ideal choice for users to break through the filtering bottleneck, improve production technology and improve product quality. Filter bags are very effective in filtering, even in the food, health and pharmaceutical industries.

Selection of press cloth materials for the filter bag

1. Non-woven fabric: polypropylene, polyester, nylon, etc., large capacity of pollution can remove gelatinous particles.

2. Single fiber screen filtration: nylon, polypropylene and polyester, absolute value filtration.

3. Multi-fiber screen filtration: nylon polyester material, high mechanical strength absolute value filtration.

Filter bag ring mouth material

Stainless steel ring mouth, galvanized carbon steel ring mouth, PP, PE plastic ring mouth, sealing technology.

In the process of operation, the filter bag mainly adopts its W pressure-sensitive synchronous sealing structure, which can increase the pressure to a certain extent. In this way, the ring mouth of the product fits closely with the upper cover surface of the filter, and extends evenly to the collar of the filter during operation, and the sealing effect of the whole product is better. Precise filtering platform with FQ filter.

Joint technology of filter bag

Filter bag in the process of production, mainly USES the hot melt bonding technology, so that you can to a certain extent, effective guarantee of the filter bag to a certain extent, have the best combination of strength, can effectively prevent the leakage, so will the application of the filter bag to expand the field of high filtration precision and efficiency requirement.