How the filter bag works

- Aug 14, 2020-

How the filter bag works

The working principle of filter bag dust removal technology is that during normal operation, under the action of a ventilator, the dusty gas is sucked into the air inlet main pipe and distributed evenly through each air inlet branch pipe to each air inlet chamber. 

Then it pours into the filter bag and a large amount of dust is trapped on the filter bag, while the airflow is filtered through the filter bag to achieve purification. 

The purified air flow passes through the bag chamber along the outlet duct into the chimney and is discharged into the atmosphere.

With the thickening of the dust attached to the fabric surface of the filter bag, the resistance of the dust collector is constantly rising, so it is necessary to clean the dust regularly to make the resistance fall below the prescribed lower limit, so that the dust collector can operate normally. 

Ash cleaning is carried out in separate Chambers. 

The whole process of ash cleaning is mainly completed by the action of pneumatic exhaust valve, pneumatic blowback valve, blowback blower and ash cleaning control mechanism. First start the back hair dryer, and then one room, one room for the ash. 

First close the pneumatic exhaust valve of the chamber, open the pneumatic blowback valve, through the blowback effect of the blowback blower, the filter bag from bulging to shrinking. 

After a certain time, pneumatic blowing valve to close, open air exhaust valve, a lot of dust and gas into from bottom to top, make the filter bag back to bulge, jitter, repeated many times, and then close the discharge valve and the valve, make the bag indoor wind stopped, such a drum a flat a stop, the adhesion on the filter bag dust by blunt shaking off and fall into the ash bucket, so as to achieve the purpose of ash removal. 

After the ash removal of a chamber, close the blowback valve of the chamber, open the exhaust valve to restore the normal filtration of a chamber, and then clean the ash in one chamber in turn. 

The ash in the ash hopper is discharged by the pneumatic ash discharge valve at the bottom.