How to choose filter bag

- Sep 17, 2019-

How to choose filter bag

Dust removal filter bag can be called the heart of the dust collector, the selection of filter bag is very important, it directly affects the dust removal effect of the dust collector, dust removal filter bag fabric and design should try to pursue efficient filtering, easy to dust stripping and durable effect. The selection of filter bag should be made from the following aspects: temperature, humidity and chemical properties of the gas; Particle size; Dust concentration; Filter wind speed; Comprehensive consideration of factors such as ash cleaning method.

Principles and precautions for filter bag selection

According to the nature of dust gas, the nature of dust and the different cleaning methods of the dust collector, the selection of filter bags should follow the following principles:

(1) filter bag performance should meet the production conditions and dust removal process of the general situation and special requirements.

(2) in the above premise, should choose the long service life of filter bag, this is because long service life can not only save operating costs, but also can meet the requirements of long-term gas emission.

(3) the selection of filter bag should be a variety of filter material sorting comprehensive comparison, should not use a so-called "good" filter bag to adapt to a variety of operating conditions.

(4) in the nature of gas, dust and dust cleaning way, should seize the main influencing factors to choose filter bag, such as high temperature gas, corrosive gas, flammable dust, etc.