how to choose liquid filter housing and the specific types

- Jan 09, 2019-

How to choose liquid filter housing and their specific types



On the specific types of filter housing, the following will introduce the specific types of liquid filters, because it is a commonly used type of filters, need to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, before the correct and reasonable use and full use, and then, to achieve the purpose of use, rather than the wrong use.



1. Instructions and selections of liquid filters


Liquid filter housing selection, which is an important job, should be taken seriously and carried out. Is when the choose and buy the product, it is necessary to take into account all relevant aspects and its related factors, among them, the product origin, detailed parameters, the real-time quotations and prices, product quality, manufacturers and product after-sales service these six factors must be considered, and the products using the environment and use requirements, is according to actual condition to decide whether to consider.



The choose and buy way of liquid filter, look from current it is to have 3 ways, it is to look for manufacturing manufacturer to purchase directly, 2 it is to choose and buy this product through agent, 3 it is to go up to relevant industry website choose and buy this product, choose which one way, it is to decide by oneself actual condition. In addition, specific information about the product and the manufacturer is needed before this can be done.



2. What should be considered when choosing liquid filters? Is it easy to use and maintain?


The factors to consider when purchasing liquid filters are the following, which are:


(1) whether it can meet the filtration requirements and maintain sufficient flow capacity in a long period of time.


(2) whether the filter element has enough strength and good corrosion resistance to be used for a long time. In addition, the filter element cleaning or replacement is simple and convenient.



Liquid filter, which is generally installed in the transmission medium pipeline, used to remove impurities in the medium and some particles, so that the liquid becomes clean. It is very convenient in use and maintenance, and if you need to clean, can be removed for cleaning, and then re-installation, can be.



What is a cartridge type liquid filter?


Filter type liquid filter, this is a specific type liquid filter, and it is a new type of multifunctional filters, its on the form, there is a filter and filter the two parts, in its application, available in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, such as medicine and food industries, used for water, and paint and other liquid and solid-liquid separation for purification, to achieve purpose.