How to choose the of bag of good quality filter and nylon filter

- May 06, 2019-

How to choose the  bag of good quality filter and nylon filter

Filter bag, this is a filter element, and is a common and commonly used filter element, so need to have a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding, so as to know how to correctly and rationally use the filter bag and make full use of it, so as to avoid problems such as wrong use.

1. Is the preparation of filter bag important? Should its product choose and buy want discreet?

The preparation before the selection of filter bag products can be said to be an important work, so it cannot be treated lightly and carelessly. If there is a problem in this work, it will affect the correct selection of products, so it cannot be treated lightly and carelessly. Its products should be selected carefully and seriously, because if the wrong choice will bring adverse effects.

2. How to choose a filter bag with good quality?

Want to find good quality filter bag, it is need to do the following two points, one is the understanding of the use of their requirements, and determine what they can withstand the price range of products, the second is to choose the professional and formal manufacturers, so we can ensure the quality of products and product has good performance, in turn, guarantee the product has good use effect.

3. Does the nylon filter bag belong to the filter bag?

Nylon filter bag, actually belongs to the filter bag, because it is a specific type of filter bag, and from a professional point of view, this is a common and often used filter bag, is made of high strength nylon woven net sewing, and the use of a unique edge technology, to avoid leakage and other problems. In addition, its nylon monofilament filter bag can achieve the surface filtration, its surface smooth and convenient for cleaning, to achieve the repeated use of the product, to extend its service life.

Nylon filter bag on which there are some notes, the specific is:

In the filter bag mouth, can use PP plastic ring, galvanized steel ring, stainless steel ring and polyester rope and so on. This kind of filter bag has the advantages of strong alkali corrosion, high temperature resistance, good deformation resistance and abrasion resistance.

4. What are the size requirements of the filter cloth used in the filter bag? Is the liquid filter bag made of different materials?

The size of the filter cloth used in the filter bag is specified as follows: the actual amount of the filter cloth shall be larger than the designed size, with certain leeway, so as to avoid problems in size and filtration. Liquid filter bags are made of different materials, such as stainless steel, non-woven fabric and oil-absorbent cotton.