How to maintain the filter drum dust collector

- Sep 18, 2019-

How to maintain the filter drum dust collector

The active cleaning methods of filter cylinder dust remover include high pressure gas pulse back blowing and mechanical vibration. Pulse back blowing is the use of controller preset parameters to the solenoid valve a signal, the moment open and close the solenoid valve diaphragm, so that high pressure gas into the spray pipe, use gas rapid expansion force to shake off the filter cylinder surface dust, usually gas pressure we set to 6 kg force at the mercy of. Mechanical vibration cleaning is often used in small single-machine filter cylinder dust remover, it is the use of dust remover on the flower board of the chattering power of the device to remove dust, this action requires the operation after the shutdown.

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, more and more precipitators have been produced, among which the filter barrel precipitator is widely used in food, cement, chemical industry and other categories. It is very easy to break down when the filter drum dust collector is used for a long time, so the maintenance and protection of the filter drum dust collector is especially important.

Filter cylinder dust collector in the process of use to time protection and maintenance, filter cylinder dust collector feeding to control, before stopping grinding as far as possible appropriate extension stop material moment, to stop the high water content of the data, but also extend the exhaust time inside the mill. Filter cylinder dust remover filter cylinder needs oil and water separation, to often clean, check the blocking degree of filter cylinder, found a slight blocking, to timely extraction and patting to clear the blocking, to prevent the formation of a vicious cycle.

Filter cylinder filter to timely water stop to prevent transpiration of water on the formation of filter bag to extend the use of the bag moment. To filter cylinder filter wastewater treatment system to often check all the leakage and the necessary external insulation of the waste gas system. The use of filter cylinder dust remover often look at the dust remover internal wind road open and close, control cleaning with wind. Excessive filtration speed, dust discharge rate will be added, but also will make the initial dust layer broken, and dust impact filter cylinder and form excessive wear.