How to measure the quality of liquid filter bag and which liquid is suitable?

- May 27, 2019-

How to measure the quality of liquid filter bag and which liquid is suitable?

Liquid filter bag. This filter bag is used to filter liquid, so it has this specific name. And below, it is to this kind of filter bag undertake knowing and understanding, be relevant knowledge namely study and master, so that very good luck applies these knowledge in actual work, realize the reasonable use of this product and make full use of.

1. Is it necessary to know the product price when purchasing liquid filter bags online?

Choose and buy liquid filter bag on the Internet, that is to choose and buy liquid filter bag on the relevant industry website this kind of filter bag, is sure to know the price of the product, and, this is also the product information must have a content, otherwise the choose and buy can not carry out the work of choose and buy. In addition, in the product price, need to understand the product real-time quotation and price quotation these two specific aspects.

2. Can the liquid filter bag be used to filter industrial liquids?

Liquid filter bag, which can be used to filter general industrial liquids, such as electroplating liquid, ink, paint and other chemical liquid, can also be used to filter other liquids. In addition, this filter bag has high acid-alkali resistance and fiber mechanical strength, and can be used repeatedly to improve the utilization rate of the filter bag. However, for some specific liquids, it is possible that the liquid filter will not work, so it depends.

3. How to measure the quality of liquid filter bags?

In order to measure the quality of the liquid filter bag, it can be carried out from the following aspects, specifically, whether there will be silicone oil pollution and other problems in the use of the liquid filter bag, and whether there will be side leakage and other problems. Secondly, the label on the filter bag is easy to tear off, so as not to pollute the filtered liquid. In addition, the technical indicators of the filter bag should be checked to see whether the technical parameters of filter cloth efficiency, pore size distribution, density, thickness, weight, permeability and fracture strength are up to the standard.

4. Is the food liquid liquid filter bag applicable?

Food liquids, liquid filter bags can be used for liquid filtration operations, because food liquids are also liquids, and liquid filter bags are used for all kinds of liquids, so there will be this conclusion. And, of food liquid filter, should use food filter bag, such filter bag can have specific aim on use, assure to have good filter effect.