How to quote products and determine the filter bag diameter

- Apr 15, 2019-

How to quote products and determine the filter bag diameter?

Dusting bag is the bag used for dusting, or the bag with two functions of dusting and dusting, which is called dusting bag. Moreover, it can be used in the dust collector to ensure a good effect. Therefore, it needs to have a correct understanding and comprehensive understanding, so as to achieve the rational use of the product.

1. Do relevant factors need to be compared when purchasing dust bag?

Dust bag for product selection, is the requirement to consider all the relevant factors, but also the need to take these factors into full and comprehensive consideration, so as to make their own accurate judgment and correct choice. And these factors, concern with product choose and buy, accordingly, it is important to consider a factor, can say is coequal and important, without weight cent, cannot compare these factors so. On the other hand, such comparison has no practical significance and value, and there is no need to carry out the work.

2. How about the product quotation of dust bag?

Dust bag product quotation, this is also an important work, also can not be ignored and careless treatment, because if the error will affect the user's correct choice. To carry out this work, we need to have a certain understanding of the dust bag, and know what the relevant factors are, so as to smoothly carry out the quotation of the product and avoid mistakes.

3. How to avoid dewing and pasting of dust bag?

In order to avoid such problems as condensation and pasting, it is necessary to start from the two aspects of materials and the bag itself and take some effective measures to achieve the goal. In the material, the moisture content of the material should be controlled to avoid excessive moisture content. In the dust bag, the correct, reasonable and standard use should be achieved, and the temperature difference should be avoided in the use process. The above mentioned problems can be avoided in the dust bag.

4. How to determine the diameter of the filter bag used in the pulse dust remover?

In the pulse filter, the dust bag can be used as a component. In the diameter of the filter bag, the longer one can reach 152mm, while the shorter one has 120mm or 130mm. From a professional point of view, the diameter of the dust bag is related to the filter material, and different filter material is different standard width, so, according to the filter material width to determine the filter bag diameter, so that the filter material can make full use of.