How to replace the liquid filter bag and how to choose the material

- Jan 25, 2019-

How to replace the liquid filter bag and how to choose the material?



 liquid filter bag used frequently in liquid filtration operation, therefore, need to have a comprehensive understanding and deep understanding, so as to achieve the correct reasonable use liquid filter bag.



1. Is there an important factor to consider when choosing a liquid filter bag?


Liquid filter bags, in the selection of products, it is necessary to consider all the relevant factors and related aspects, so as to have accurate judgment and correct choice. And, it is to have important consideration factor, what need to know however is, want to be concerned with product choose and buy only, it is to consider an important factor for, and cannot think is among them certain element, lest affect the correct choose and buy of the product.



2. Are there different types of liquid filter bags?


Liquid filter bag, this is a specific type of filter bag, and from a professional point of view, this kind of filter bag can be different types according to the filter medium, such as beer filter bag, diesel filter bag and electrophoretic paint filter bag, etc., on the filter medium, respectively for beer, diesel and electrophoretic paint liquid, etc. In addition, it can have different kinds according to different materials. Therefore, it can be concluded that there are different classification standards for liquid filter bags.



3. How to replace the new liquid filter bag?


To replace the new liquid filter bag, it is necessary to know the correct operation steps, so as to achieve the purpose and make the new filter bag can be used. The specific operation steps are as follows: first, remove the old filter bag to ensure that the filter bag and filter edge are cleaned. Then, the arc of the basket and the edge of the inspection, whether there are defects, if there should be timely treatment and solution, not delay. Install the new filter bag, note that the filter bag must be inserted into the basket, and the sealing ring must be properly seated in the sealing groove. After that, choose a gasket that is fluid compatible. When the filter bag is installed, check whether it can be used normally.



4. How to choose the right material for the liquid filter bag?


Want to choose the material of liquid filter bag correctly, what need to accomplish has: one, it is the sort of liquid that wants to filter according to place and cooperate according to chemistry taboo find out usable filter material, its commonly used material is qualitative, it is to have PE, PP and PTFE these. Then according to the operating temperature, operating pressure, ph and operating conditions to remove some inappropriate filter material. In addition, also consider the specific use of liquid filter bags, because it also has a great impact.