Identification method of filter cloth for filter bag

- Sep 14, 2019-

Identification method of filter cloth for filter bag

To identify the filter bag filter cloth, it is necessary to know several main indicators of the filter cloth. Among them, there are density, thickness, weight, fracture strength and so on. Useful for comparison are density, thickness and weight.

1, first look: large chemical fiber filter cloth white, good luster. Small chemical fiber filter cloth dark, gray, and some filter felt, yellow color. Long fiber press cloth, smooth surface, good shine, short fiber press cloth with wool surface. There are also twill, tabby, and these lines can also help determine the model number. Because some lines are different, the specifications are different.

2, touch again: soft among the staple fiber such as 208,729 like plush cloth, soft. 734, 747, 758 and 3927 are all made of the same material, but with different thickness and density. Rough and firm, not soft. Softness and roughness require you to touch the sample bit by bit and write it down. One is to touch the density, and the other is to count, 10cm has a few silk. All the corresponding press cloth specifications have density coefficients, which can be roughly identified by comparison.

3. Further weighing: the main purpose is to measure the thickness of the press cloth. Take a small piece and weigh it.

4, again burning: polyester burning smoke, polypropylene burning green light. The others are not accurate. It's hard to say.

5, the above is a few points of opinion, from the sequence of thinking is to determine whether it is weaving cloth, and then determine the material, and then make a general judgment of long and short fiber, grain. According to the thickness, density and gram weight of the filter cloth, the model of the filter cloth is comprehensively determined.