Influence factors of flue gas on the use of dust collector bag

- Sep 13, 2020-

Influence factors of flue gas on the use of dust collector bag

I. Oxidation of flue gas. Flue gas has a certain oxidation effect on dust bags, because oxygen in the air accounts for 21%, plus the temperature of flue gas is very high, so dust bags will suffer a lot in work. If you want to avoid this situation, you should choose dust bags with anti-oxidation filter material, such as P84 polyimide dust bags.

Two, the moisture in the flue gas. When the moisture content of dust in the flue gas is over 25%, the dust will easily stick to the bag and block the bag. If the anti-hydrolysis property of the material is not high, the hydrolysis will also damage the filter material.

High temperature of flue gas. Bag-type dust remover is mainly used in industrial boilers, fluidized bed boilers, kilns and coal-fired power station boilers. The temperature of this kind of flue gas is usually relatively high, and the temperature when the gas passes into the dust collector is generally around 100℃ ~ 300℃. Therefore, the properties of ordinary chemical fiber will be affected under this temperature, so the filter material of bag filter must be high temperature resistant fiber material.

Acid gas corrosion. When burning high-sulfur coal or flue gas without desulfurization treatment, the concentration of sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide will be very high, and other synthetic fiber materials will be corroded and damaged except the dust bag of FT filter material, thus the life of dust bag will be shortened