Influence of flue gas on high temperature resistant dust removal filter bag

- Aug 25, 2020-

Influence of flue gas on high temperature resistant dust removal filter bag

It is well known that dust remover bags are used to remove ash and protect the ecological environment. Now many manufacturers will use it. What is the harm of dust dust bags to dust remover bags? Let's take a quick look.

(1) High temperature of smoke and dust: high temperature resistant dust and dust filter bag is mainly used for soot and dust removal in boilers, fluidized bed boilers, kilns and heating furnaces of raw coal power plants. The temperature of this kind of dust is usually relatively high, and the temperature when the steam enters the dust removal equipment is usually controlled at 100℃ ~ 300℃. Therefore, the function of synthetic fiber will be jeopardized in this kind of temperature, so the heat-resistant textile material shall be used for the filter material of bag filter.

(2) Corrosion of acid and alkaline steam body: when the high-sulfur coal is ignited, there may be soot which has not been solved by flue gas desulfurization, the concentration of sulfur compound and nitrogen oxygen compound will be very high. Besides the dust collector bag of FT filter material, other organic chemical man-made fiber materials will be destroyed by corrosion, so the life limit of dust collector bag will be reduced.

(3) the chemistry of soot, dust to dust bag there is a chemical action, and the temperature of the smoke is very high, so the filter bag is in the work time, if you want to avoid this kind of situation, choose some has the oxidation resistance and efficacy of filter bag filter material, such as P84 filter bag is made of polyimide materials.

(4) Water in smoke and dust: when working at high temperature, smoke and dust will easily stick to bags and block bags. If the anti-hydrolysis reaction function of raw materials is not high, hydrolysis will also damage the filter materials.

That is to say, the dust filter bag manufacturer asked us to introduce in detail the smoke and dust on the dust filter bag harm, looking forward to everyone in the application of dust filter bag to help you.