Installation and maintenance of bag filter technology

- Aug 16, 2020-

Installation and maintenance of bag filter technology

1. The dust collector is an all-steel shell, so it must be installed and accepted strictly in accordance with the design drawing.

The installation of the body requires vertical column, flat beam and flat wall panel. The continuous welding between the bottom panel and the beam of each chamber and the inner wall and the beam column of the body shall be strictly without air leakage. The joints between the pipe and the pipe and the pipe and the valve shall be lined with asbestos rope (or asbestos rubber sheet). Each connection and access door should also ensure its air tightness. After the body is installed, it should be a regular cuboid.

3. After the columns, beams and wallboards are transported to the site, they shall be checked for deformation before hoisting. The deformation of the column and beam should be controlled within 2/1000, if any, it must be corrected. The height deviation of each section column beam section should be controlled at the joint by K2mm. When installing the column, the deviation should only be allowed to be 10mm inward.

Iv. Welding of flower plate

The welding between the flower board and the wall shall be tight and airtight. The inclination of the flower board (height difference) shall be less than 10mm. The painted plate should be leveled before welding.

5. Handling, strapping and installation of filter bags

In the process of transporting the filter bag, it is necessary to prevent the bag from contacting with hard objects and sharp objects. It is strictly prohibited to step on the bag, press it and fold it, so as to prevent holes and cracks in the bag and affect the dust removal effect. The strapping of the filter bag should meet the technical requirements. The cloth bag should be properly tightened and checked one by one after the strapping. The upper and lower bag mouth should not be twisted and inclined, and should not touch with the surrounding hard objects (such as the wall, Angle steel on the wall, etc.).

Before hanging the filter bag, the surface and stitching of the filter bag should be strictly inspected for defects and damages. Only when the filter bag is intact, can it be hoisted. During the assembly of the filter bag, the cloth bag shall be strictly prevented from being damaged during the wrapping at the connection between the press cloth and the hanging cover and the short pipe at the bag opening. The deviation value of the center line of the hoisting bag shall be ±30mm according to axis X and axis Y. The filter bag is assembled on the lower panel for assembly. The procedure is as follows:

A. First unscrew the U-bolt on the lifting cover and connect it with the boom, and then tighten it with the lifting cover;

B. After the lifting cover and derrick are assembled, check whether the nut is tightened, and then assemble the cloth bag. After the cloth bag and the bag binding ring on the flower plate are bound with the hoop, then the lifting cover and the cloth bag are bound;

D. After manual air inlet valve, pneumatic ash discharge valve, pneumatic exhaust valve and pneumatic back blow valve are assembled, the opening and closing shall be flexible and in place.

6. When the dust collector is in operation, it shall check the operation of all mechanical parts and electric control ash cleaning device regularly, and monitor the emission concentration at any time. If the chimney ash is found, it shall be inspected to see whether the bag mouth is installed with air leakage, whether the filter chamber, whether the splint weld is air leakage and whether the cloth bag is damaged. If the cloth bag is damaged, it shall be replaced immediately.

7. Before stopping the machine, it is necessary to clean the ash on the filter bag and empty the dust accumulated in the dust hopper, so as not to affect the use of dew.

8. Water should be released regularly by water separator for compressed air.