Installation and use of air filter

- Aug 12, 2019-

Installation and use of air filter

1. During installation, whether flange, rubber pipe or direct connection is adopted between the air filter and the engine inlet pipe, it must be strict and reliable to prevent air leakage. Rubber gaskets must be installed on both ends of the filter element; The wing nut of the fixed air filter cover should not be screwed too tightly to avoid damaging the paper filter element.

2. In the maintenance, the paper filter element must not be put in oil to clean, otherwise the paper filter element will fail, but also easy to cause the accident. When maintaining, can use vibration law, soft brush to remove the law (want to brush along its crumple) or compressed air to blow the law back to remove the dust that attaches to the surface of paper filter element, dirt. For the coarse filter part, dust collection parts, blades and cyclone pipes should be removed in time. Even if every time can be carefully maintained, the paper filter element can not completely restore the original performance, its air intake resistance will increase, therefore, generally when the paper filter element needs to carry out the fourth maintenance, should be replaced with a new filter element. If the paper filter element is broken or perforated or the filter paper and the end cover are unglued, it should be replaced immediately.

3. In use, to prevent the core air filter is rain wet, because once the core adsorption of a lot of water, will greatly increase the intake resistance, shorten the mission. In addition, the paper core air filter can not contact with oil and fire.

4. Some vehicle engines are equipped with cyclone air filter, paper filter core end of the plastic cover is a diversion cover, the blade on the cover to make the air rotation, 80% of the dust under the effect of centrifugal force separation, collection in the dust collection arms, reach the paper filter core dust is 20% of the amount of dust inhalation, the total filtration efficiency of 99.7%. Therefore, when maintaining the cyclone air filter, pay attention not to leak the plastic flow guide cover on the filter element.