Instructions for bag filter

- Aug 06, 2019-

Instructions for bag filter

Bag filter is a kind of multi-purpose filter equipment with novel structure, small volume, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, good air tightness and strong practicability. It can be said that the bag filter is a new type of filtration system. The inner part of the bag filter is composed of the filter bag supported by the metal mesh basket. The liquid flows in from the inlet, passes through the filter bag, and then flows out from the outlet. The impurities are intercepted in the filter bag, and can be used continuously after the filter bag is replaced.

Bag filter is a kind of pressure filter device, which is mainly composed of filter cylinder, filter tube cover, quick opening structure and stainless steel filter bag reinforcing net. The filtrate flows into the filter bag and into the mouth tube through one side of the filter shell. The filter bag itself is equipped with enhanced mesh inside. The filter bag has the required fineness, so that qualified filtrate and impurity particles can be obtained through liquid penetration. The filter bag is intercepted by the filter bag, and the filter bag of the bag filter is very convenient to replace. Filtration is basically free of material.

Bag filter has the advantages of reasonable structure, good sealing, strong circulation function and brief operation. In particular, the filter bag leakage detection probability is small, which can ensure the correct filtration accuracy, and can quickly replace the filter bag, and then make the operation cost much lower than other. The inside and outside surfaces of the filter are mechanically polished and polished. In addition to the side in and out method, the side bottom in and out method can also be used.

Due to its simple operation and strong practicability, it only needs to install the filter bag of fineness level in the filter cylinder, check whether the o-ring is intact, tighten the filter cylinder cover and wake up the bolt, and then it can be put into use. After the pump starts, the pressure gauge on the filter will rise slightly, the initial pressure is about 0.05mpa, but with the extension of time, the pressure will rise slightly. It will gradually increase. When rising to 0.4mpa, the machine should be stopped to open the cover and check the residue of filter bag.