Internal and external support and use characteristics of filter cartridge

- Sep 04, 2019-

Internal and external support and use characteristics of filter cartridge

Filter cartridge in the use of the process has a certain corrosion resistance, large filtration area, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, low operating resistance, air permeability, high filtration efficiency and large tensile force, can be repeatedly washed, and other characteristics, filter cylinder to a certain extent using the international advanced wide fold discount technology, even gap.

The end cover of both ends of the filter cartridge will be made of the anti-rust steel plate with a thickness of more than 8mm. The end cover of the product is bonded with the filter material by its special polyurethane foam adhesive, so as to effectively ensure the close connection between the end cover and the filter material to a certain extent.

The outer and inner supports of the filter cartridge are protected by punching stainless steel plates with high strength above 5mm and good anti-corrosion performance. The support of the whole product is strong, which can effectively prevent the filter cylinder from blowing, blowing, explosion and suction to some extent.

Cartridge where and skateboard connection will be effective by its low hardness and high strength foaming gasket sealing to ensure no leakage of dust, the entire product filtration precision can reach 99.9%, inside and outside the retainer with the internal filter material using the international advanced automatic screw fixed technology of sealant rubber casting machine, make sure that the filter cartridge of electromagnetic pulse valve, filter area even facilitate counter blowing dust.

Filter cartridge is very convenient in the process of installation and maintenance, its long service life, the surface of the empty filter core is added with large air flow and paper folding not out of shape to strengthen the protective glue line, so that the life rate of the filter core increases by 40%, product features: long service life, high filtration accuracy, good moisture-proof performance, easy to clean