Introduction of filter materials commonly used in filter cartridge dust collector

- Aug 10, 2019-

Introduction of  filter materials commonly used in filter cartridge dust collector 

The most commonly used filter drum filter material includes the following, each filter drum filter material can be applied to different filtering conditions, make filter drum filter filter in such as welding smoke filtration, fine powder filtration, ultra-fine dust filtration and other fields.

1) air filter paper is first used for filter cylinder filter material is wood pulp fiber air filter paper. With the progress of papermaking technology, now better filter paper will generally add a certain proportion of synthetic fiber in wood pulp fiber, to filter paper performance. Wood pulp fiber filter paper has low strength, and its service temperature is usually ≤80℃. It has short service life when used in the manufacture of filter cylinder.

2) the manufacturing process of spunbonded PET hot-rolled non-woven fabric is shown in the figure. After the fiber layer is formed into a mesh on the screen belt, it is rolled by a pair of high temperature rollers with flecks. Because in the production process, the continuous spout of the fiber, so the filter material has high strength, long service life, good moisture resistance, high service temperature (≤135℃) and other advantages, especially suitable for filter cylinder with filter material.

3) other forms of chemical fiber non-woven due to produce nonwoven cloth has a lot of, also each are not identical, and the manufacturing process in order to meet different application requirements, you can choose different fibers and different non-woven fabric manufacturing process, can mix several kinds of fiber used, at the same time or different thickness layered composite using kinds of fiber. For example, SMS (spindle-bonded, melt-sprayed, spindle-bonded three-layer composite) non-woven fabric, needle-punched non-woven fabric, or spindle-bonded non-woven fabric can be used in filter cylinder manufacturing after enhanced treatment.

The special function of the special filter cylinder of the filter drum

The situation encountered by the filter cylinder dust collector in the actual working conditions is ever-changing, and it is difficult to meet the needs of the actual use of several simple filter materials, such as the filter cylinder dust collector to handle flammable and explosive dust, to avoid the phenomenon of electrostatic fire. Because the chemical fiber (high insulation) filter cylinder is easy to accumulate static electricity, in order to avoid the occurrence of electrostatic jump of filter cylinder dust collector, it is necessary to conduct anti-static treatment on the filter cylinder. At present, the main functions of the filter drum special filter material are: (1) flame retardant (combustible materials for fire resistance treatment, reduce the possibility of fire); (2) anti-static explosion; (3) polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film (improve the performance of cleaning, improve the filtration accuracy); (4) oil proof, waterproof, anti-fouling (reduce the surface tension of the filter material, make it easier to clean the ash).