Introduction of polyester fiber air filter cartridge

- Jan 22, 2020-

Introduction of polyester fiber air filter cartridge

Polyester fiber air filter barrel: imported polyester fiber filter material is adopted. The fiber has good wear resistance and can improve the filtration speed more than traditional filter material. It has good effect and effect in filtration.

I. influencing factors of filter barrel price:

1. Filter material selection

2. Filter area selection

The filtration area is related to the folding height and number of the filter cylinder, the filtration area and the equipment. A small filtration area will affect the whole filtration system, resulting in a short service life of the filter element.

3. The metal support frame of the filter barrel (known in the industry as the inner frame) has steel specifications of 1mm, 1.2mm, 0.8mm and 0.6mm. The price is cheap is to use 0.6 steel plate, our company generally use 1.2 mm support tube.

Ii. Product features:

Polyester fiber air filter is suitable for powder spraying, sandblasting, pigment industry, wood processing filtration.

1. Imported long fiber polyester filter material, the fibers are staggered and evenly distributed.

2. Good wear resistance, better able to withstand pulse back blowing than traditional filter material.

3. Good stiffness of filter material, and can be repeatedly cleaned.

4. The end cover and the center frame are all electroplated galvanized parts without rust.

5. Flexible neoprene rubber with special closed holes.

6. Service temperature ≤135℃.

Common filter cartridge filter material is wood pulp fiber filter paper, spun-viscose polyester fiber non-woven fabric, polyester non-woven fabric can be covered with film, oil and waterproof, anti-static treatment.    

Three, specification

The size of the filter barrel is generally referred to the sample imported from abroad. The common specifications are diameter "12.75", "13.84" and height "26", which is 325*660mm and 350*660mm in metric system.

Iv. Installation method

The installation of air filter can be divided into vertical hoisting, oblique installation according to a specific Angle, flange installation and so on.  

V. ash removal method

Polyester fiber air filter commonly used automatic ash removal methods include high pressure gas pulse back blowing, mechanical vibration.

Pulse back blowing is to use the parameters set in advance by the control instrument to give the solenoid valve a signal, instantly open and close the solenoid valve diaphragm, so that high pressure gas into the jet tube, using the rapid expansion of the gas to remove the dust on the surface of the filter cylinder, the general gas pressure we set to about 6 kg force.

Mechanical vibration ash removal is often used in small single filter cylinder dust remover, it is the use of dust remover flower plate eccentricity device produced by the shaking power to dust removal, this action needs to be shut down for operation. Design wind speed is a more critical parameters of the filter cartridge, it concerns the running effect of the dust catcher, in general, we recommend including wood pulp fiber filter design wind speed should not exceed 0.6 meters/minute, polyester non-woven recommended design wind speed is 1 m/min, of course, we also need to consider in detail again according to the properties of dust filter.  

Filter cartridge production now domestic enterprises more, used to solve different types of dust, has now developed a gas turbine cartridge filter cartridge, industrial powder medium, sand suction machine special cartridge, cartridge resistance to flame retardant, elliptic filter cartridge, slender shape instead of bag filter cartridge, widely used in various environment, in the field of industrial products for your own contributions to the cause of China's environmental protection continuously and wisdom.