Is solid-liquid separation suitable for liquid filters and how to summarize the filtration?

- Feb 19, 2019-

Is solid-liquid separation suitable for liquid filters and how to summarize the filtration?

Liquid filter, this is a specific kind of filter, refers to the filter used to filter various kinds of liquid, so, as long as the filter meets this condition, can be called liquid filter, so, liquid filter can be reclassified, it can have specific different kinds. Here's a closer look at liquid filters for proper use.

1. Is the liquid filter suitable for solid-liquid separation operation?

For solid-liquid separation operation, the liquid filter in the filter can be used, and the use of this kind of filter, as long as the correct and standard operation and use, can have good use effect. In addition, the filter element type liquid filter in the liquid filter, it is used in the solid-liquid separation, is very suitable and is worth using, it can be used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, medicine and food and other industries in the solid-liquid separation operation.

2. How can the filtration of liquid filter be summarized?

The filtration of the liquid filter can be summarized as follows: the liquid to be filtered is pressed in by the inlet of the filter and filtered into a clear liquid by the outer and inner permeable filter layer through the filter core, and then discharged by the outlet. The impurities in the liquid are trapped on the surface and deep layer of the filter core, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration. In this kind of filter, it is necessary to wait for the filter liquid inlet and clear liquid discharge outlet of these two. In addition, considering the design flow, filter liquid medium characteristics, etc., in order to ensure the rationality of the filter structure.

3. Are the calculations and expressions of the liquid filter and the filter of the gas filter the same?

Liquid filter, which is used to filter the liquid, the filter is a minute amount of liquid flow rate to calculate and said the filtering gas filter, which is used to filter the gas, the amount of filter is based on cubic to calculate gas per minute and said, so, according to this can be concluded that liquid filter and gas filter, they said on the filtering quantity of calculation and is not the same, there can be no misunderstanding.

4. Can the liquid filter be divided according to the material?

Liquid filter this kind of filter, it can be divided according to the material, if the use of stainless steel this material, then can be called stainless steel liquid filter, if it is other materials, there will be different names, but all belong to the liquid filter, is the use of different materials.