Is the liquid filter bag pulse filter bag available ?

- Apr 23, 2019-

Is the liquid filter bag pulse filter bag available and available in different materials?

Liquid filter bag, which is a specific type of filter bag, but also a common and commonly used type of filter bag, so we need to have a correct understanding to properly use, so that the product has good use effect, rather than bad effects due to the wrong use and so on.

1. Do relevant factors need to be compared when choosing liquid filter bags?

Liquid filter bag, in the selection of products, it is necessary to take into account all the relevant factors, but also these factors for a comprehensive and comprehensive consideration, so as to make their own accurate judgment and correct choice results. While the factors related to product selection are all important factors to be considered. They are the same in importance and there is no weight. Therefore, they cannot be compared. Also, there is no sense or value in making such a comparison, and there is no need to do so.

2. Is the liquid filter bag of different specifications or materials universal?

Liquid filter bag, it is a different size or material, and in view of the different materials have different names, and have different performance and filter the scope, therefore, can be concluded that different specifications or material liquid filter bag is not general, you should be in accordance with the requirements of filtering and use environment to choose the right category, to ensure that can be carried out as normal and filtering operation, lest appear wrong choice and affect the filter bag filter effect.

3. Do you have a micron-sized liquid filter bag?

At present, there are micron level liquid filter bags, that is, this kind of filter bags in the filter level can reach the micron level. In addition, can choose the filter raw material with good quality, and use good processing technology and strict quality control to ensure product quality and product performance, and then, ensure that the product has good use effect.

4. The liquid filter bag is made of polypropylene. Can it be used in pulse filter bag?

Liquid filter bag using polypropylene material, is available in the pulse bag filter, because this kind of material with good abrasion resistance and high elasticity, suitable for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry pulse bag filter, the filtering range, is 0.1-500 microns, the working temperature of ninety degrees can be normal use, therefore, based on this, can say the polypropylene material is can have more applications.