Key points of use of filter bags

- Nov 14, 2018-

1. Check to see if the filter bag specification model is consistent with the filter interface, and check the quality of the new filter bag is defective.

2. Filter bag must be used with the support network, and close to the inner wall of the support network, pay attention to check the support network blue inner wall without burrs. 

3. Replace the new filter bag when the filter upstream and downstream pressure difference is 1-1.5kg/cm2, or clean the filter bag. 

4. Filter bags are usually based on fine polypropylene, made of nylon or polyester filter material, these materials are less hydrophilic, the surface of the fiber will not be wet by water, so before use, use other liquid with lower surface tension to wet it. Before installation, you must soak the filter bag in the filtered liquid for a few minutes of pre-wetting, after the fiber gets wet,Liquids are inhaled into the filter material due to capillary action, which can effectively reduce the initial pressure loss.