Limit of filter bag length

- Jul 02, 2020-

Limit of filter bag length

Non-alkali glass fiber dust filter bag waterproof and drain dust bag in bag filter in the process of disposing of dust, deal with gas dust contains more water and oil and moisture absorption and deliquescence of dust, dust in general situation about natural water or increase adhesion of oil film, which is help dust catcher, but will make the soot cleaning presents difficulties. 

The length of the filter bag is also limited by the following premises :

(1) the filter bag extends upward, the weight supported by the fabric increases, and the tension increases. If the tension at the top of the bag is too high, the hole will probably be pulled out at the opening line. 

(2) Filter bag delay, the dust catcher shell also delay, its component strength must increase;

 (3) The length of the filter bag is limited by the ash cleaning, and the longer the filter bag is. 

(4) The longer the filter bag is, the slower the arrangement of the separate room; 

(5) Too long filter bag, it is not convenient to place, protect and check. 

The maximum length of filter bag is 12 meters.