Liquid filter bag cleaning characteristics

- Apr 03, 2020-

Liquid filter bag cleaning characteristics

The filter bag is a kind of widely used equipment and is one of the key components of the filter. Generally speaking, the liquid filter bag has the following characteristics:

1. The liquid filter bag is usually welded with stainless steel. It can be installed in the equipment to increase the degree of sealing in addition to reducing the probability of the occurrence of side leakage probability.

2. Label the product specifications and models on the filter bag in a way that is easy to replace, so as to avoid contamination of the filter bag caused by labels and inks on the filtrate during use.

3. Generally speaking, the products are produced by high-speed industrial sewing machines without silicon oil cooling, because this production mode will not produce the problem of silicon oil pollution.

4, the material is divided into polyester and polypropylene nylon material.

Generally speaking, liquid filter bag products can be used in industrial liquids, such as ink, electroplating paint, chemical, food and other chemical liquids. Low acid resistance and fiber mechanical strength can also be reused.