Liquid filter bag pressure difference and filtration rate

- Sep 06, 2019-

Liquid filter bag pressure difference and filtration rate

Liquid filter bag when making use of is a key link in the process of filtering, the filter bag quality to a large extent, effective determines the filtering effect of the users, liquid filter bag in a certain extent can match with patent ring structure, the whole equipment using its professional production equipment manufacturing, our company filter bag material variety, complete specifications. Can be targeted to meet the application of various fields.

To some extent, the filtration of the liquid filter bag effectively utilizes some porous media to effectively separate the suspension. When the filter bag is working, the liquid in the suspension will flow out through the hole of the medium under the action of external force, and the solid particles will be trapped, so as to achieve separation.

There are several ways for liquid filter bag to produce pressure difference:

1. Use the filter slurry's own pressure head.

2. Pressurize the slurry surface.

3. Vacuum the downstream side of the filter medium.

4. Use inertial centrifugal force.

The number of holes in the filtration medium is smaller than the diameter of solid particles, and the solid particles are removed from the suspension by sieve analysis. Filtration in the early filtration of fine particles out, the filtrate is more cloudy. As the cake layer forms and thickens, the filtrate gradually clears. As the sieve hole is gradually blocked, the filtration speed decreases.