Liquid filter bag ring mouth material and production requirements

- Jul 05, 2019-

Liquid filter bag ring mouth material and production requirements

In the process of operation of liquid filter bag, the filtrate filtration surface is to some extent all adopted its special singed treatment, which can effectively prevent the fiber from getting rid of contaminated filtrate to some extent, so as to effectively avoid excessive blockage of filter hole caused by traditional rolling treatment and shorten the life of filter bag.

Liquid filter bag in the operation of all its raw material is white, and in the process of operating is without any special bleaching processing, full compliance with environmental standards, when making operation more because of its three-dimensional needled felt filter layer, this will make the liquid flow through the filter bag, the particles will be because of the deep filtration mechanism in liquid filter bag of wall surface and deep, with solid or colloidal particles with high capture efficiency.

The uniform thickness of needle-punched felt of liquid filter bag and its stable opening rate and sufficient strength during use make the efficiency of the filter bag stable and use time longer. Five lines and two needles are most tightly sewn to ensure that each liquid filter bag can achieve the best filtering guarantee. Wide range of use, suitable for various industries of liquid filtration.

Ring material of liquid filter bag

The ring mouth material of the liquid filter bag is mainly made of PP ring mouth, PE plastic ring mouth and stainless steel ring mouth. To some extent, there are various designs of the bottom and top of the bag.