Liquid filter bag singeing treatment

- Jul 07, 2019-

Liquid filter bag singeing treatment

Liquid filter bag in the course of operating the filtrate to filter through special singeing processing, so that you can to a certain extent, prevent the fibre from the pollution of the filtrate, to some extent, so that you can effectively avoid the traditional roller processing filter hole caused by excessive congestion to cause its snip the service life of filter pocket, all the raw material is this white, without any special bleaching processing, full compliance with environmental standards, more due to the 3 d needled felt filter layer, the liquid flow through the filter bag, the particles will be because of the deep filtration mechanism in liquid filter bag of wall surface and deep, of solid or colloidal particles with high capture efficiency.

Liquid filter bag, needle felt even thickness and to a certain extent with the opening rate of stability and sufficient strength increase the efficiency of the filter bag of stable and use for longer periods of time, is mainly used in production process of five line double needle sewing, the most closely to ensure every liquid filter bag can achieve the best security. Wide range of use, suitable for various industries of liquid filtration.

Liquid filter bag to a certain extent, its filter mainly is the use of a porous medium the effective separation of the suspension of operation, in the process of filtering work, in the under the action of external force, the channel flow of liquid through the medium of suspension, so solid particles can direct interception, so that you can to a certain extent, effective implementation of the separation, general calls for filtering slurry feed slurry; The porous medium used is called filter medium. The liquid passing through the medium passage is called filtrate. The solids trapped are called filter cake or filter residue.

There are several ways to produce pressure difference in liquid filter bags

1. Use the filter slurry's own pressure head.

2. Pressurize the slurry surface.

3. Vacuum the downstream side of the filter medium.

4. Use inertial centrifugal force.