Liquid filter bag singeing treatment purpose and installation location

- Feb 18, 2019-

Liquid filter bag singeing treatment purpose and installation location

Liquid filter bag, which is a specific type of filter bag, but also a common and commonly used type, so need to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, so as to know how to use properly and have good results. Therefore, based on this point, the next step is to get familiar with and understand the liquid filter bag to achieve the above purpose.

1. Some notes on the liquid filter bag

Some notes on the liquid filter bag are:

(1) if the high-speed industrial sewing machine without silicon oil cooling is used for manufacturing, the problem of silicon oil pollution will not occur.

(2) the bag mouth suture of the filter bag has been improved in terms of technology, so that the problem of side leakage can be avoided.

(3) in use, the product will have corresponding instructions, so that users can use the liquid filter bag in a correct, reasonable and standard way, and achieve the purpose of use.

(4) in the filter bag welding technology, should ensure good welding quality and welding effect. The parameter error should be within a reasonable range and controlled well.

2. Why do liquid filter bags need to be singed?

The purpose of the liquid filter bag is to prevent the fiber from separating from the filtrate and blocking the filter hole during the use of the product. In addition, if the traditional roller treatment is adopted, the service life of the filter bag will be reduced. In addition, the production process, is the use of five lines double needle this sewing method, to ensure that the filter bag has a good filtering effect. The liquid passing through the medium channel is called filtrate, and the solid material trapped is called filter cake or filter residue.

3. Joint technology and installation position of liquid filter bag

The joint technology of liquid filter bag includes hot melt and sewing, which can ensure the filter bag has good joint strength and prevent leakage, while sewing joint technology can ensure the filter bag has good use effect.

The installation location of the liquid filter bag is an important aspect that needs to be paid attention to and taken seriously. Specifically, the system pressure is below 140kg/cm2 or in the low-pressure device, which can be installed in the appropriate filter. The system pressure is below 140kg/cm2 or in the high pressure device, which can be installed in the high pressure filter. In addition, if there are special requirements, other aspects need to be considered for proper installation and proper use.