liquid filtration system and coating workshop filtration system

- Jan 10, 2019-

Liquid filtration system and liquid water glass filtration system in coating workshop



Liquid filtration system, is a system for performing the filtration operation of liquid filtration. Therefore, the purpose of using this system is to get the desired substance or achieve the filtration purpose through liquid filtration. And want to use correctly and reasonable, need to have comprehensive and thorough understanding to it, so below, will undertake this job, good achieve a purpose.



1. Will the liquid filtration system be used in the painting workshop?


In the coating workshop, it is necessary to carry out some pre-treatment process, to remove the oil and impurities on the workpiece surface, etc., to ensure a good adhesion between the electro-phoretic coating film and the metal substrate. Its are on specific operation, the filtration that has before processing electro-phoresis, use clear away dirt, iron filings, welding slag to wait for these material, and the filtration between adjusting paint, make paint becomes clean through filtering, assure the construction effect of paint. And in these filters, you use a liquid filtration system.



The paint filter, which will be used in the liquid filtration system, and on the filter elements, can be used in the following, is:


Nylon filter bag: it USES nylon wire with solvent resistance to form the screen by reasonable arrangement in the transverse and longitudinal direction. If it is a nylon monofilament filter bag, it is made of high-quality nylon monofilament material with the heat setting process at the intersection of warp and weft, and has the advantages of stable structure, non-deformation and no free fiber, etc., which can be used to remove particles larger than the nylon aperture.


Polypropylene filter bag: it is made of hydrophobic and oil-loving pure polypropylene or polyester fiber felt, which can be filtered layer by layer on a single material.


Oil absorption and filtration bag: it is mainly used to remove oil stains in the paint and prevent the appearance of shrinkage holes and other problems in the paint. The material is pure polypropylene and adopts four-layer structure design to improve the oil absorption ability of the filtration bag.


Adhesive capture filter bag: it is made of polypropylene capillary fiber and can be used to filter hard impurities, grease and colloid impurities. In the filter structure is the use of multi-layer gradient deep structure, in order to have a good capacity for pollution.



2. Liquid water glass filtration system


Liquid water glass filtration system, which belongs to the liquid filtration system, its structure, from the feeding end to the end of the material is arranged in order to feed trough, feed valve, feed pump, plate and frame filter press, alkali outlet valve and fine alkali tank and other parts, in addition, there are water inlet valve, dilute alkali outlet valve and dilute alkali tank and other parts. By using this system, residual liquid sodium silicate can be recovered and the filter cake can be easily removed from the filter cloth.