liquid filtration system and the type selection

- Jan 22, 2019-

 Liquid filtration system which filters are available and type selection should take into account the parameters



Liquid filtration liquid filtration system, is the operating system, it can be all kinds of liquid, the liquid filter is a common and often form, so it is necessary to familiar with and understand, so you can know how to correct liquid filter and have a good filtering effect, avoid problems in the process of filtering.



Liquid filter components, systems and methods


Liquid filter, this is a specific type of filter, is used for liquid filtration, so it can be used in the liquid filtration system. Liquid filter components, systems and methods, need to have a certain understanding and understanding, so as to correct and standardize the operation.



The liquid filter assembly comprises a key ring, a lock assembly and a filter head, etc. in structure. The filter system comprises a filter assembly which comprises a filter element and a filter element housing and is connected to a filter head. In addition, the filter head includes an adaptor head assembly with a locking mechanism that is unlocked through a key ring on the filter element.



2. Can the liquid bag filter be used in the liquid filtration system?


Liquid bag filter is a kind of filter that can be used in the liquid filtration system and has some advantages, such as:



(1) compact and reasonable structure, simple installation and operation, and small occupation area.


(2) can be used to filter any fine particles and suspended matter, the filtration range is wide, is 0.5-200 micron.


(3) the unit area of concern can handle a large flow, with low filtration resistance and high filtration efficiency.


(4) a wide range of applications, can be used in coarse, medium and fine filtration. When the same filtering effect can be achieved, it has the advantages of long service life and low cost compared with frame filter and filter element filter.


(5) there is basically no need for cleaning in the process of use, and new liquid filter bags can be easily and quickly replaced. In the form of liquid filter bag, there are low pressure type, side entry type, top entry type and horizontal type, etc. In addition, this kind of filter can meet different filtering requirements. In the material, there are stainless steel SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L and so on.



3. What parameters must be considered in the selection of liquid filtration system?


When selecting the type of liquid filtration system, the parameters that must be considered are the physical and chemical properties of the filtration medium, working pressure, process flow rate, etc. In terms of the physical properties of the filtration medium, the parameters are the working temperature, viscosity and density of the filtration medium. In addition, in addition to the above, you also need to know the material used, so as to be comprehensive and specific.