liquid filtration system application field

- Jan 02, 2019-

Liquid filtration system application field and viscous liquid how to filter



Liquid filtration system, is used to filter the liquid operation of a system, and from the current point of view, the system is a lot of applications, so, it needs to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of it, in order to properly use and make full use of, so as to achieve the purpose of use and good use effect.



1. Specific application field of liquid filtration system


Automobile industry: it can be used in the filtration of electro-phoresis paint, topcoat, varnish, primer, paint ring, parts cleaning fluid, drawing lubricant, lubricant, metal processing fluid and so on.


Chemical industry: catalyst recovery, filter pipe system impurities, polishing process media, alkaline and acidic liquids as well as solvent, emulsion and dispersion filtration, in addition, can be used to remove the gel resin. In fine chemical industry, it can be used to remove activated carbon or catalyst.


Electronic industry: electronic etching acid bath, photochemical polishing, high purity water filtration and various membrane filtration process of pre-filtration, will use the liquid filtration system.


Food industry: beverage and all kinds of wine filtration, edible oil in the removal of particles, cellulose in the removal of carbon black, etc., are suitable for use. In addition, can also be used in various syrup filtration processing.


Metal processing industry: filtration of hydraulic oil, filtration in pretreatment system, filtration of processing fluid and lubricating oil.


Paint coating industry: the removal of agglomerated particles in paint and varnish, the removal of paint condensation, solvent filtration and paint mixing line and monomer purification.


Petrochemical industry: filtration of petrochemical products and fuel additives.


In addition to these, liquid filtration systems can also be used in water treatment.



2. How to use the liquid filtration system for the filtration of viscous liquid?


For viscous liquid filtration, special viscous liquid filtration bag and bag filter are required for filtration operation in case of liquid filtration system. The viscous liquid filter bags are used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and food industries. In the filtration system, for liquids with high viscosity, it is necessary to design and adopt appropriate filtration methods according to such parameters as liquid viscosity, impurity content and required filtration amount. However, the filtration area of the filter bag should be increased, or multi-bags filtration method should be adopted. In the selection of the pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump can be selected, and the use of air pressure method to avoid burning out motor and other problems. With these configurations, the liquid filtration system is widely used in resin, viscose, coating and ink fields