Liquid filtration system preparation before purchase

- Apr 06, 2019-

Liquid filtration system preparation before purchase and when to use tangential flow filtration

Liquid filtration system, from its name, this is a kind of filtering system, mainly used in liquid filtration operations, so as long as involving liquid filtration, usually can use liquid filtration system to the filtering operation, and the following, is to learn and understand the system, know what it is and how to rational use in the right place.

1. Are there any important factors to consider when choosing a liquid filtration system? Are relevant factors considered?

Liquid filtration system selection, in order to ensure that the buyer can have accurate judgment and correct choice, is required to consider all the relevant factors, and in the consideration is required to carry out comprehensive and comprehensive consideration, in order to achieve the purpose and avoid the wrong judgment and wrong choice. And these consider a factor, because it is concerned with product choose and buy, it is important to consider a factor so, need key consideration, cannot look down upon careless treatment. Based on the above, it can be known that the answer to these two questions is yes, that is, when choosing a liquid filtration system, there are important factors to consider, and the relevant factors are required to consider.

2. Do you need to do some preparation work before purchasing the liquid filtration system?

Before the selection of liquid filtration system, it is necessary to do some preparatory work, which has two purposes: one is to reflect the importance of the product selection, and the other is to avoid product waste caused by wrong selection. In terms of work content, there are two aspects: one is to have a clear understanding of the use environment and use requirements of the products; the other is to understand some basic information of the products and manufacturers to facilitate their multi-party comparison and comprehensive consideration, so as to ensure the selection of suitable products.

3. When should the tangential flow filtration be adopted in the liquid filtration system? Is the system automated?

In the liquid filtration system, if the tangential flow filtration method is adopted, it is generally in certain specific circumstances. From a professional point of view, tangential flow refers to the direction of liquid flow and filtration direction is vertical, and the direction of liquid heat flow is parallel to the direction of the filter membrane plane. Therefore, based on this point, tangential flow filtration should be adopted to ensure smooth filtration and stable filtration speed when ultrafiltration is carried out and large scale material liquid is filtered.

Whether the liquid filtration system can achieve automatic operation, or whether the system can be automated, so far, this requirement can be achieved, and there are no technical problems. However, it is necessary to ensure that there are appropriate filtration speed and filtration equipment, to ensure that the filtration can be carried out smoothly, as well as ensure that there is a good filtering effect.