Liquid filtration systems must consider which filter elements are compared to which ones

- May 28, 2019-

Liquid filtration systems must consider which filter elements are compared to which ones

Liquid filtration system, from its name can know that this is a filtration system and is to carry out the filtration of liquid operation, therefore, called this kind of filtration system for liquid filtration system. In order to properly and rationally use this product, we need to have a correct understanding of it and know how to operate and use it. Therefore, the next step is to study and work on this product to achieve the above purpose.

1. Are there precautions for the use of liquid filtration system in petrochemical industry?

Liquid filtration system, which can be used in the petrochemical industry, is mainly used to filter the liquid operation, in order to achieve the purpose of use. However, there are some precautions in the use of this kind of filtration system, and you should have a clear understanding of these precautions, so that you can use the liquid filtration system smoothly and have a good effect.

2. When choosing a liquid filtration system, should the classification and mechanism of liquid filtration be considered?

Liquid filtration system in the purchase, is the need to consider the classification of liquid filtration and the mechanism of action, because it is related to the quality of the filtration system and filtration effect, so, can not be ignored and careless treatment. Moreover, from another perspective, considering these two specific aspects is one of the necessary conditions to ensure the correct selection of the product, so that the product can be used normally.

3. Is it necessary to use a filter in the liquid filtration system?

In the liquid filtration system, the filter device can be used for filtration work, and it is generally installed at the inlet end of the system. In the composition, there are cylinder, filter, transmission device, electrical control part and sewage part. In addition, in the use of very simple and convenient, flexible use. However, in addition to the filter, the liquid filtration system can also use other filtration devices, as long as it can meet the filtration requirements and adapt to the use of the environment.

4. Is the liquid filtration system the same as the gas filtration system in terms of filtration elements?

Liquid filtration system, which is generally filter screen and ionic membrane filter on the filter elements, and the air filtration system is generally using air filters, can be manufactured by artificial fibers. Therefore, based on this point, it can be concluded that liquid filtration system and gas filtration system in the use of different filter elements, and not universal.