Main reasons for filter bag damage

- Jun 12, 2019-

 Main reasons for filter bag damage

The main reasons affecting the damage of filter bag are:

1. Filter wind speed

The main reason of filter bag damage is the high speed of filter bag. In recent years, some units blindly reduce the cost of equipment, increase profits, in the design of bag dust remover, the filter speed increase, a short period of time without obvious user response, but greatly shortened the service life of the filter bag. Instead of saving customers money, it has brought great economic burden and wasted time.

2. Operating temperature

It is the key of filter bag to choose the cloth bag with appropriate dust temperature. If the temperature is too high, the selected dust removal filter bag will exceed the normal service temperature. If the filter bag is light, the service life will be shortened, and the serious ones will be burnt out in a short time. Therefore, in the selection of filter bag must determine the good calculation of the dust collector inlet temperature, in the selection of the corresponding dust cloth bag.

3. Product quality

Cloth bag processing is particularly important. In recent years, a few small manufacturer use small sewing machine to be processing equipment, and inferior line is raw material when processing, take false as true, processing level also falls far behind. Make dust removal cloth bag in the use of time is not long will appear the phenomenon of opening, cracking, bottom. Although the cloth bag size is slightly smaller, it can also be used, but after absorbing the dust with a large proportion, the bag will fall off after being used for a period of time.