Maintenance and repair of dust removal bags

- Sep 02, 2020-

Maintenance and repair of dust removal bags

At present, very many manufacturers will be very widely used dustproof device this product, because their demand is relatively large, so many manufacturers in the selection of one is very important. Especially in steel mills, smelters, and garbage incineration, the big applications are much more widespread. More because a large number of people and manufacturers of dust remover more and more frequent use, dust removal without the use also seems more extensive. We should pay attention to the following points in the use and selection of dust bags.

First, the product we choose must meet all the specifications and models we need. It has to be absolutely appropriate. That would be better for our production. If we choose the wrong bag, it is likely to affect our production. After all, dust bag is a very key part of the dust collector, which directly affects the characteristics of the dust collector. Therefore, in the choice must be very careful. There is not the slightest margin of error.

Second, we should develop good habits when we adopt. The condition of the cloth bag should be checked regularly and often. See if there is any damage and if it is properly installed. If the dust bag is damaged or not properly installed, its performance will be reduced, or even no dust at all. More seriously, it can cause the entire device to fail to function properly. So, we must use in the right way, once found broken should be self-beneficial replacement, to prevent unnecessary trouble.

Thirdly, we must clean the cloth bag regularly to ensure that it will not affect the life of the machine.