Material requirements and cleaning method of filter cartridge

- Aug 31, 2019-

Material requirements and cleaning method of filter cartridge

Filter cartridge is a kind of bar-like element, the size varies according to the machine used, generally speaking, in the process of filtering gas and liquid, can achieve good filtering effect, in some dust powder, more space is very good use, generally speaking, the filter cylinder is to filter the air.

As a necessary component of machine equipment, before the machine is installed in the factory, the manufacturer will purchase it and install it. Under general circumstances, the ordinary filter cylinder USES wood pulp fiber filter paper, using this kind of filtering method, the cost is relatively low and can be applied to the general use of the environment.  

To some special environmental requirements such as waterproof, prevent oil to use polyester non-woven fabrics, which can also be anti-static for some machines for electrostatic separation, tend to use polyester non-woven, accordingly, of course, price is a little higher, for size, the size of the domestic common diameter is about 12.27, is 13.84, this kind of machine is very simple to install and can be installed by a specific Angle.

During the process of design wind speed, with some machines on the inlet to and a good contact with air, so the use of wood pulp paper type filter is better, because this kind of filter can achieve wind speed per minute intake efficiency reached 99% at the same time, the dust removal effect, but for some of the requirements is not very high machine, you can use the non-woven fabric, it can be about one meter per minute, for some powder medium, gas turbine industry must use cartridge, and achieved the effects of regulation.

When we use any equipment, we should not only pay attention to the problem of use, but also pay special attention to the problem of cleaning in the later period, because the use method in the early period is important, but the complex and care in the later period is the key to make our equipment work well for a long time.

For the use of filter cartridge, it is to achieve a filter dust effect, so after a long period of use, we will be covered with dust and impurities in this part, at this time requires us to timely cleaning work, so as to help extend its service life.