Method of cleaning the filter bag of dust collector

- Mar 20, 2020-

Method of cleaning the filter bag of dust collector

1. Dust cleaning: high frequency oscillation is adopted to remove as much as possible the large dust particles entering the inner wall of the dust removal filter bag, which will not affect the fiber fastness to tangles, and adhere to the outstanding anti-fall function of the filter bag.

2. Chemical experimental treatment: take the sample of cloth bag, use professional instruments to detect the oil composition of the filter bag, so as to select the appropriate washing material, and scour the dust removal bag to the maximum limit without forming any harm to the filter bag.

3. Cleaning: select appropriate washing material and strict ratio, low temperature water dust removal cleaning, water flow is uniform, moderate strength, no mechanical damage filter bag. Dust removal filter bag is a kind of efficient dust removal filter material, dust removal filter bag is made of polyester staple fiber or long fiber as material, the service life is generally 4-6 times that of glass fiber fabric, has outstanding permeability, dust collection rate is high, easy to clear dust, dust removal efficiency up to 98.99%.

4. Boring: in the hot air around 110℃ boring, adhere to the safe size of the filter bag, after the boring filter bag is not deformation, not shorten.

5. Repair: repair damaged filter bags, such as wear and holes, as used to ensure a high return rate.

6. Detection: carry out physical index test on the cleaned filter bag to ensure that the cleaning quality meets the requirements.