Operation method for inspection of filter bag

- Sep 28, 2019-

Operation method for inspection of filter bag


Before the dust removal equipment is put into operation, the corresponding batch of filter bags should be sampled to see if they meet the standards. Before using the filter bag, quality sampling inspection should be carried out, and follow-up inspection should be carried out after use. The testing indexes include quality per unit area, thickness, inner diameter, half circumference, length, air permeability, dry heat shrinkage, strength, sewing condition and filtration performance.


How to do the sampling inspection of filter bag of dust removal equipment?


Does the inspection of the filter bag mainly look at what just described? Actually not, those are basic work, if there is a special function of the filter bag, also consider the temperature strength, corrosion resistance and anti-static performance. We generally carry out the following operations:


1. First, check the calculation of the length deviation of the filter bag. Firstly, spread the filter bag flat on the floor and measure it with a tape measure close to the bag body surface to see if there is any deviation from the recorded parameters.


2. Next, check the sewing quality of the bag body position and whether there are needle holes. The general practice is to use backlight to visually test the seam of the filter bag to see if the light transmission is obvious, and at the same time to test the filtration performance of the filter material. If the needle hole is larger, the filtration efficiency is worse.


3. Then, look at the uniformity of filter bag. Its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the filter performance and life of filter bag. This uniformity mainly considers thickness, permeability and mass per unit area.


4. There is also the filtration performance. From the measurement of the filtration performance to the backblowing of dust, to the testing of the passing amount of dust and the dust concentration at the exit, records are made for comparison.


5. Finally, high-definition microscope or scanning electron microscope is adopted for microscopic observation of filter bag samples, and the structure, ash accumulation, pollution and damage of samples are observed under appropriate magnification; To a bunch of different wavelengths of infrared radiation material on the molecules of certain wavelengths of infrared radiation is absorbed, the formation of infrared absorption spectrum of the molecular, each molecule is decided by its composition and structure of the unique infrared absorption spectra, to analysis and identification of molecular structure, for example, identification of PPS filter material, can see the micro change, to judge the degree of corrosion.


In short, when sampling the filter bag of dust removal equipment, it is safe to operate according to the actual conditions.