Overview of PE filter Bags

- Nov 14, 2018-

PE filter Bag is made of polyester fiber filter cloth, pp filter bag is made of polypropylene fiber filter cloth, PE,PP is a deep three-dimensional filtration material, 100% pure fiber in the form of acupuncture, the formation of three-dimensional, highly fluffy three-dimensional depth, twists and turns of the filter layer. It is characterized by loose fibrous tissue, thus increasing the capacitance capacity of impurities; the product is a duplex interception mode, effectively remove solid and soft particles, that is, larger particulate impurities are intercepted on the fiber surface, and fine particles are caught in the deep filter material, to ensure that the use of the process will not be damaged by increased pressure, with high filtration efficiency In addition, the external layer of the product from high-temperature surface heat treatment, that is, the application of instantaneous sintering technology/calendering treatment, can effectively prevent the filtration of fiber by the liquid high-speed impact and loss, not only to ensure that the non At the same time the pressure difference is small without affecting the flow rate.